Whatever stage you may be at in the assessment process – whether you are considering starting the process, have already started, are awaiting a date for final assessment, or have that date confirmed – our Supported Assessment Service would be able to provide you with help and assistance.

If you decide to use this service, one of our experienced nurses will accompany you and your relative to the full assessment meeting to act as your advocate and provide on hand advice and expertise throughout.

They will also be available prior to the meeting to visit with you, explain the procedure for assessment and help you compile and complete the relevant forms and documentation for use during the assessment.

Having a nurse on hand to act as an advocate will also enable them to scrutinise and respond to the NHS assessor’s own scorings, and argue where they believe assessment has been unfair or inaccurate.

Often having someone there to put that counter view and speak up in what can occasionally be quite adversarial meetings can make make a real difference to a case’s chances of succeeding and give you peace of mind.

Our Supported Assessment Service is offered on a fixed rate basis.

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