Continuing Health Care Claims are complex cases which is why we are passionate about clients coming to experts like ourselves for the help and guidance to recover their fees.

At Care Cost Advisers as well as our expert in house advisers, we also have a team of qualified nurses. Our nurses have a number of years experience and vast amount of knowledge in continuing health care. Having these nurses look into your relatives cases should therefore bring confidence to your cases.

Even after the detailed questionnaire is reviewed & assessed by ourselves, it is often still not enough detail to advise if your family member is eligible for funding. At this point, it is essential one of our nurses carries out their own review of the patient.

Following the nurses review, they will produce an in depth report of their findings. This report will help you understand the NHS criteria and guideline along with the reasoning for if we believe there is a case to recover the fees already paid or stop paying fees going forward.

The detailed report will be sent to you and your family and will be yours to use going forward to monitor the patients condition whether the case is something we can continue with or not.

The Nurse Review Service is provided on a fixed cost basis.

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