Whether you need help with a current Assessment, or need help to recover previously paid care home fees, we can help.

The FREE initial assessment includes the first three stages of a claim.

Telephone Conversation

Specific questions from an adviser

CCA Questionnaire


The telephone conversation is used to gather some information about your relative and their specific needs. Following the information given, your adviser will then have some determined questions to go through with you to gain further understanding about your family member.

From what the adviser learns over the telephone, they will at this point advise whether a questionnaire will be sent out to yourself via post. If so, the questionnaire will need to be completed by yourself to get a greater understanding about the patients circumstances to see if we believe they are eligible for NHS funding.

Following completion of the questionnaire, it will be at this point the assessment takes place by one of our advisers and then discussed with yourself of the next steps.

If we believe the patient could be eligible, we will discuss the next steps. If at this pool we conclude they would not qualify for funding, we will of course advise you of conditions you and your family should be aware of with regards to when they would meet the requirements.

Care Costs Advisers is part of the AH Claims family, and it we cannot help in relation to NHS funding, there may be other areas we can help you and your family with.

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