Dealing with the NHS on a loved one’s behalf can often be a daunting and difficult process at the best of times.

The process of making sure that a proper assessment is carried out to determine a relative’s entitlement to NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding is a complex one, and can be time consuming, especially for the families that have already had to deal with so much.

Our Advocacy Service is here to help with this task, and to act as your delegate and advocate throughout the assessment process.

You and your relatives will have access to our specialist team of legal and clinical experts who understand every specific stage of the assessment procedure, the tests and tools used, and the legal requirements and guidelines that underpin the process.

With our help, you and your loved ones will have a dedicated team to pursue your case and fight your corner every step of the way.

While we guide you through the legal requirements, our clinical team, made up of experienced elderly care nurses, will represent you and effectively communicate the needs and requirements of you and your relatives to the members of the NHS’s assessment team.

They are proven experts with detailed knowledge of patient rights and the assessment procedure, and will work hand in hand with you and our team of advisers to give the very best chance of a successful outcome.

They will also take the time to visit with you and your relative before the initial assessment to develop an understanding of their individual healthcare needs and build a tailored case that will give you the greatest chance of success.

There may be a small number of cases where we believe that the prospects of a case for successful assessment are limited. We pride ourselves on a clear, client-centred approach, and if we believe that a case may not be successful, will always be open and honest, explaining that to you clearly, giving the reasons for that advice and laying out what other options may be available.

To find out more about how our Advocacy Service might be able to help you and your family, speak to one of our friendly advisers about a free initial assessment today.

We can also help if you have already applied for a full assessment or wish to appeal an existing assessment.

To find out more about our Advisory Service, speak to one of our friendly advisers about a FREE INITIAL ASSESSMENT.

If we think you might be eligible for Funding, we will act for you on a NO WIN NO FEE * basis.

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